5 Reasons to Go with a Luxury Sportfishing Charter - Go Deep Go Cabo

In House Fleet

Many other companies that offer sport fishing don't reveal who is the owner of their vessels. It is because the majority of ships they employ are borrowed from an unaffiliated entity or individual. At Go Deeper Go Cabo, we are proud of owning each vessel within our fleet. We prefer having complete control of the performance and availability of every boat, and we believe that our guests will be pleased to know that their ship is ever being utilized and maintained by us.

Permanent Staff with Experience

Go Deeper Go is different from other charter companies because of our permanent staff. All of the crews you'll be fishing with are employed with us long-term because we don't rely on subcontractors like other outfits. It gives us more control over the quality of our fishing experience and makes us a high-end charter company. The Go Deeper Go staff is trained to meet our highest expectations. We're a close-knit group, and each of our crews and captains recognizes that 100% satisfaction is the only way to keep our status as a luxury hotel.

Seamless Booking Process

We get recommendations from the best hotels in the area due to customer reviews. A significant reason our customers are drawn to going fishing at Go Deeper Go is how easy the booking process is from beginning to end. We're always there to answer any questions, make any unique arrangements, and assist you in choosing the perfect excursion. We are conveniently located in Cabo Marina DOCK F, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, and are accessible via phone beginning in the early morning until late in the evening. We are grateful for the chance to earn your trust, and we'll do everything we can to make your travel with us an easy process.

10 Years in Operation

Go Deep Go is one of the longest-running charter boats operating in Cabo San Lucas, we've been through the rigours of time and have proven that we are a pioneer in the field of luxury. We've been in operation for 10 years and have a flawless record of operating every day of the year, with the one exception being New Year's Eve and Christmas. Our long-lasting success is due to our exceptional standards that keep impressing all who take a trip with us. We are privileged to receive repeated business and recommendations from happy customers. We are thrilled to offer our first-time guests a genuinely luxurious fishing experience.

Values That Put You First

We strive to adhere to the core values of our company consistency, complete customer satisfaction, and a dedication to quality, from the meals prepared on-site by our chef to keep our boats and staff in the same house. From the smallest minute detail, our guests are our main focus from the beginning to the end. We value luxury and aim to give each guest the most enjoyable fishing experience that is possible.

The word luxury doesn't just mean just the dimension of the boats or sparkling champagne. It's about how you'll get treated from beginning to end. A luxury charter can ensure that all guests will have a wonderful time. It's how guests should be treated when they arrive at Cabo, and we are proud of making sure that we can provide the best in every aspect of our guests' experience. We make a massive effort to getting ready for your arrival and offer attentive service throughout your time with us.

We aim to surpass your expectations and don't think we've done our job until we can guarantee 100% satisfaction from our customers. We are serious about luxury at Picante and have constructed our charter company correctly and without cutting corners. Our definition of luxury goes deeper than just surface-level. We are privileged to personally guarantee the top quality of our vessels and our staff and equipment to provide the most enjoyable fishing experience to each guest.

We encourage you to connect with us to help you plan the fishing trip of your life with Go Deep Go Cabo Team.

Written by Sohaib_khaan

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