Coming In October: Bisbee’s Black and Blue Fishing Tournament

"The Bisbee's Black and Blue Marlin Tournament will be held from October 19th and 23rd until Cabo San Lucas. Five days of planned chaos that is packed with intense excitement. With the stunning and vibrant city that is Cabo San Lucas to the backdrop, hundreds of people throng the walkways around the marina to shop, have a party, and witness enormous fish being measured at the scales located in the famous Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza. Cabo's Bisbee's Black and Blue is a one-of-a-kind event that you will never forget regardless of whether you bring souvenirs home or take millions." Bisbee's Black and Blue website.

We compiled our top four suggestions to maximize your time within Cabo San Lucas in the Bisbee's Fishing Tournament. Follow these tips to make the most of your time in paradise!

1.Plan your travel arrangements earlier rather than later. Bisbee's Fishing Tournament is the most oversized purse for a fishing tournament and attracts more than a hundred teams of competitors and thousands of spectators. Anglers come from across the globe to participate. Many fishing enthusiasts purchase homes close to the marina, which they use during the Bisbee's tournament to prepare for the annual event. If you're renting, the accommodations will be filled up quickly. That being said, it is essential to consider #2!

2. Utilize local travel planners. Go Deep Go Cabo has years of experience in booking and planning luxurious vacations. Our concierge and villa specialists’ team are local and have access to the most luxurious jets, villas, yachts, and more for the ideal vacation. You shouldn't be left out of the most exciting occasions and locations on one of the most thrilling holidays of the year!

3. That being said, you should plan every morning of Bisbee's Fishing Tournament (and your entire journey) so that you aren't missing any event. With thousands of spectators turning at the weigh-ins and weigh-ins, surroundings can become jammed. So make sure you know the location you'll need to be, and how to arrive!

4. Take time to relax. The Bisbee championship is thrilling, but make sure you take advantage of the other top-quality activities Cabo San Lucas has to provide throughout your stay. Make reservations for the trip to Go Deep Tour, city tour, or snorkeling trips to make your trip unforgettable!

The Bisbee's Black and Blue Marlin Tournament is the largest prize worldwide for fishing. In 2014, The winning team earned more than 6 million dollars. It's among the most attended international groups and has a huge attendance from fans, boat lovers, and anglers.

A lot of people inquire about the latest movie Blue Miracle, starring Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzales. Bisbee's Black and Blue Casa Hagar was the actual event that provided the setting for the film. Casa Hagar is a local charity which the Bisbee's fishing event has always supported since. Its Hollywood film brought lots of sunshine on Bisbee's Black and Blue Casa Hagar.

If your group is prepared to participate in one of the most significant fishing events globally, let our concierge service help navigate Bisbee's Black and Blue and make your experience easy. Talk to our local experts of Go Deep Go cabo to design your perfect trip to the thrilling Bisbee's Black and Blue tournament this year!

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