Cabo San Lucas Fishing – Best Fish Species to Catch in September 2021

Being aware of what is on the Cabo San Lucas calendar of fishing can assist you in planning your trip more efficiently. Why? The time of year and the season are important in the case of Cabo San Lucas fishing. Don't overlook that Cabo offers fishing opportunities throughout the year. However, if you're looking to catch your favorite species, it is important to be aware of the fishing calendar. September is here, and If you're looking to go fishing in Cabo, you'll have lots of options. Cabo San Lucas charter fishing will provide you with an adventure in deep-sea fishing trips. If you are a fan of sportfishing, Cabo is the spot to be.

Here are the popular fish species you will get to catch in September:

  1. Marlin Blue

It is believed that the Blue Marlin is perhaps the best game fish for anglers. It isn't easy to catch, and the excitement of successfully catching it is what makes this one of the sought-after species. If you're interested in fish fishing Marlin Blue, then September is the best time to fish fishing Cabo. It is massive, heavy, and wise. It's a very popular game fish across the globe, and fishing for it is something that every angler would like to try. It can raise your profile. Cabo fishing charters will allow you to fish offshore to catch this fabled fish. Guided fishing can aid in catching it quicker.

2. Mahi-Mahi

The month of September is when Mahi-mahi is among the species of fish that is abundantly available. It is often referred to as dolphinfish. They are a popular surface-dwelling fish species that are mostly found in the sea offshore. It is the most popular fish species for anglers. They are extremely swift and vibrant, with a mixture of vibrant green and yellow. They're attractive; however, they aren't difficult to capture. Fishing for Mahi-mahi to test yourself.

3. Snapper Fish

Snapper is also called Cubero, is another well-known species of fish for sportfishing in September. These are deep-sea fish species and can be located between 25 and 120 meters deep in the water. They consume a variety of fish, and the process of catching them is an exciting experience. This is a vivid fish that has vibrant pink and red metallic scales. The catch will require abilities. It is possible to hire Go Deep Go Cabo fishing charters, and you'll get an expert fishing guide to assist you in catching the very sought-after fish quickly.

4. Sailfish

The sailfish is considered the fastest fish globally, having a record of 70 miles per hour. Catching this fish will require an enormous amount of effort. It is among the most sought-after game fish, and it's huge and can weigh over 220 pounds. Females weigh more than males and can carry as many eggs as they want. This fish is also eye-catching due to its array of colors. Purple, brown, gray, and silver are just a few of the colors you will observe. It's not an easy fish to catch, making it an ideal fishing game for fishers. It is included as a September catch list in the Cabo San Lucas fishing calendar.

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