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The striped marlin is the ocean king and uses its intelligence and strength to thrive as an apex predator. Striped marlin uses piercing to feed on smaller fish schools. They are a formidable force to reckon with because of their combined strength and strategy. In addition, they are prized game fish because of their fighting prowess and ability to engage in defensive battles. As a result, they are the most prized catch in Cabo San Lucas.

About Striped Marlin

The striped marlin belongs to the billfish family. It has a sharp bill (upper jaw) in the front, a long body, and a large size. Cabo San Lucas is home to striped marlin as well as blue marlin and black marlin. Black marlin and blue marlin tend to be more abundant in spring through fall. Striped marlin, however, is plentiful throughout the year. However, they are at their best between November and May. Chill with the Go Deep Go team.

Why do they Love Cabo?

Cabo San Lucas provides the perfect environment for striped marlin. They can be found in the Pacific, and they love the warm water of Cabo San Lucas. The migratory striped marlin is a species that migrates through the Pacific. They begin their journey in the central Pacific. Although spawning is not possible in Cabo, adults can be found here in large numbers. This suggests that there are more feeding opportunities. Cabo's rich ecosystem of nutrients supports small fish such as sardines and mackerel. The striped marlin can rely on this ecosystem for its sustenance.

The Angling Technique

Because of their size and strength, heavy gear is necessary to deal with the striped marlin. A long line is used to catch live bait while slowly trolling. Sight casting is the fastest way to catch striped marlin. They are often found near the surface, hunting or sleeping. Throw some bait at them by looking for their tailor dorsal fin.

A fighting belt is a good idea, as the strength and persistence that the striped marlin has can make them very strong. You may find yourself in a fight with a larger one. The strength, agility, and acrobatics of the striped marlin are all highly prized. They will not back down in a row and run away from their opponent and jump into the air to wear them down.

Marlin Capital of the World

Cabo San Lucas is the "Marlin Capital of the World," as evidenced in the striped marlin fishery found here. They are the most thrilling fish in the ocean. Their fighting ability is unmatched, and their strength makes them the best in the sea. They are hard to beat with their incredible jumps. They can be impressive up close and in a fight. You won't soon forget if you are lucky enough to be able to see one with Go Deep Go Cabo.

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Written by Sohaib Khaan

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