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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is famous for world-class fishing and various species, ranging from Black Marlin to Rooster Fish. The Waters surrounding Cabo are full of many of the most delicate offshore and inshore fish loved by enthusiasts and casual sport fishing fans alike. Here's a month-by-month review of what type of fish you are likely to catch, as well as an ideal season to catch Fish at Cabo San Lucas.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in January

The month of January offers anglers some of the most favourable weather conditions throughout the year. With an average temperature of 74 degrees and humidity at 68%, conditions are perfect for fishing. Although the average is just .20 inches of rainfall, the month is usually dry. In January, the water of the Pacific Ocean produces a great Striped Marlin bite which is the premier to catch. There is also a significant Dorado bite, with groups of aggressive fish being found frequently. This Yellow Fin Tuna bite can be seen offshore around the 20–25-mile point and eastward to the Sea of Cortez. Inshore, we can see an excellent Rooster Fish bite and other species such as Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, Triggerfish, and many more.

Best time to fish in Cabo San Lucas, February

The month of February is one where we get some great weather with occasional rainstorms throughout the region. Average temperatures vary between 75 and 78 degrees, with humidity as high as 65 per cent. Cabo typically receives 1.10 inches of rain during February, with most of it coming from intense storms, which usually last for just a few days. The month of February has its unique characteristics.

Its occasional fluctuations in temperature due to cold water flowing south can slow some fish and attract others to our seas. The most common capture comes from Striped Marlin, with good numbers in the Pacific starting from the Light House to the Finger Banks. We also typically see good Yellow Fin Tuna bite. However, the smaller sizes between 12 and 25 pounds are the most popular. We also begin to bottom fishing getting more vital, including Sea Bass, Snapper, Grouper, and others starting to get hot. Inshore, we see fantastic conditions with lots of variety from Rooster Fish, Pompano, Jacks, Trigger Fish, and more.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in March

March brings springtime Break and occasionally the chance to take a break from Bill Fish. With an average temperature of the 80-degree mark and humidity around 68%, the month can produce an average of 0.00 millimetres of rainfall. In addition, we sometimes battle winds in March and cold water pouring into our grounds from the north. However, with all that said, we can still find excellent fishing.

The Marlin bite usually slows down somewhat, but a massive bottom edge balances it. There are large Sea Bass, Snapper, Cabrilla, Grouper, and others dominating the scene. We see an increase in Striped Marlin action as the waters warm by the end of the month. Yellow Fin Tuna can be seen at the beginning of the month, but they begin to disappear in the middle of March. Inshore fishing is a source of exciting action as that the Spanish Mackerel, Yellow Tail, and Amber Jacks appear. The Yellow Tail becomes more plentiful from mid to the end of the month. We still see Rooster Fish, Trigger Fish, and others as well.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in April

April is an excellent month for fishing at Cabo San Lucas. The average temperature rises to the mid-80s, with less humidity, at 60 per cent. It is almost non-existent rain in April with 0.00 inches average rainfall. Offshore fishing can produce a solid Striped Marlin bite and an excellent Dorado bite usually. It's not uncommon to witness several Marlin that are caught during excursions in April, as well as impressive Dorado hauls. Inshore, the action revolves around Yellow Tail, Spanish Mackerel, Skip Jack, smaller Dorado, and even the occasional Rooster Fish. If you're an active angler, April is a great month to bend rods to go from Pacific towards the Gordo Banks.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in May

May is the month to go for Marlin on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, with an excellent Striped Marlin bite. The temperature rises with an average temperature of 85 degrees and humidity reaching the 60's; bring your sunscreen! As the temperature outside heats up, so does the water, bringing in excellent Marlin action. We also see some of the better Dorado landed during May with bigger fish hitting the decks. Inshore may begin the Rooster Fishing season, with a more significant number of fish being anchored inshore.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in June

June brings a beautiful mix of fishing in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. If you check out the fishing calendar, it might not reveal anything exciting, but don't let it fool you! It's scorching in June in Cabo, with the average daytime temperature at 94°F and humidity of 65percent. These warm temperatures also make the water warmer and produce some excellent fishing action. The top fish can be described as Striped Marlin with surprises like huge Tuna Blue Marlin and a nice Wahoo. Inshore, Rooster Fish prevail and include Jacks, Pompano, Snapper, and Grouper as well. The month of June is famous for vacationers, so make sure to reserve your trip early with Go Deeper!

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in July

July is scorching at Cabo. Fishing is also hot! July is a hot month with temperatures in the 95-100+ degrees of Cabo San Lucas, with humidity reaching 70 per cent. For those who like it hot, the waters provide lots of great deep sea fishing action. July is the ideal time to go out to billfish at Cabo San Lucas. There are various billfish species such as Striped Marlin, Sail Fish, and even the occasional Blue Marlin. There is also some beautiful Tuna action along The San Jaime banks to the Gordo Banks of the Sea of Cortez. July also has a good Wahoo bite as these sought-after pelagic Fish fish aggressive. Inshore the sand, it's all about Rooster Fish large Rooster Fish with plenty of fish of them in the 40-50-pound class as seen in this. If you're able to stand the heat, schedule your trip now with Go deeper and go after it!

Best time to Fish in Cabo San Lucas, August

In August, Cabo San Lucas truly kicks off the season of big fish. It's scorching in August, with temperatures reaching the mid-90s, but the humidity, which is 70 per cent or more, makes it feel hotter. If you're the type who enjoys a cold beer and your days hot, this is the perfect moment to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas! The fishing in August is fantastic! It is the time to start seeing a tremendous Sail Fish bite and more significant Blue and Black Marlin with 300 pounds and more fish caught in our daily range. August also has nice Yellow Fin Tuna to the Sea of Cortez and around the 25-mile mark across the Pacific. Inshore, Roosters, Dorado, and Wahoo are sure to keep you busy. If you're an extreme game angler, plan your trip with Go Deeper for August and get out to chase the big guys. Make sure you check the weather forecast as August can also bring hot weather.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in September

September is considered by many one of the best months all year for fishing in Cabo San Lucas. The weather is sweltering, with temperatures reaching the mid-90s and humidity hovering around 70 per cent. The warmer weather brings warm waters and big fish to our fishing grounds in September. There is an increase in Yellow Fin Tuna's size, the San Jaime Bank in the Pacific, and the Outer Gordo Banks in the Sea of Cortez. Also, we see an excellent Black and Blue Marlin bite with 300 pounds+ fish becoming more frequent. Sail Fish, Wahoo, Dorado completed the action offshore in September. Inshore fishing slows down a bit, with pangas searching to catch Sail Fish, Dorado, and the odd Rooster. Make sure to check weather forecasts as September does produce tropical storms amigos.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in October

I believe that most people would agree that October is an ideal month to fish at Cabo San Lucas with Go Deeper. The weather cools off a bit with temps in the high 80's to low 90's humidity in the high 60's, but most importantly, water temps are ideal for big fish. October brings most major fishing tournaments such as Bisbee's Black and Blue, the multi-million-dollar Marlin tournament. The most special prize for this season is the 300-pound Black and Blue Marlin, the 300 pound plus yellow Fin Tuna, and a large amount of Striped Marlin and Dorado running all around. Inshore fishing is mostly Dorado, Wahoo, Sail Fish, and bottom fish. Many people come to the area to catch big fish and tournaments. It's the busiest time of the year, and you must think about booking your trip far in advance (60 or 90 days), particularly during tournament days. Every year we must turn away people because we're booked.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in November

November is an excellent month for fishing conditions. There is a cooling trend in temperatures, with the average temperature dropping to 83 degrees and humidity dropping to the upper 50's. Fishing is excellent with lots of Dorado, Sail Fish, Striped Marlin, and Tuna offshore around the 25-mile mark on the Pacific and the 1000 fathoms at the Sea of Cortez. There's a broad range of fish that can be caught, with an excellent Wahoo bite as well as Mako Shark fishing. Inshore fishing is mostly Dorado, Sail Fish, and Spanish Mackerel. The highly popular Tuna Jackpot Tournament is WON. Tuna Jackpot Tournaments at the beginning of November, so make sure to confirm your dates and make reservations ahead of time for November. It is the biggest tournament of the year regarding the number of boats taking part, and often we sell out.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in December

For those who enjoy excellent weather and fishing, Amigos, December is the best month to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. With daytime temperatures in the mid - to high 70's, and humidity as high as at least 65%, December offers the best time to be here. Fishing provides us with a fantastic assortment of fish, and the most sought-after catch is Striped Marlin, followed closely by Dorado, Wahoo, and an excellent Yellow Fin Tuna bite. Unfortunately, inshore fishing can yield less Striped Marlin and Sail Fish as the Fish come closer to shore to hunt bait. Nevertheless, it is a great time to catch several fish, from Dorado at dawn and Marlin at the end of the day. So get out of the cold and enjoy the fun with Go Deeper!

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